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Pharmacotherapeutic monitoring

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Farmacia Campoamor offers offline pharmacoterapeutic monitoring directly in the store and online to the clients of the online pharmacy.

Pharmacotherapeutic monitoring, realized by Farmacia Campoamor, is carried out by experienced pharmacists, experts in pharmaceutcal assistance. Thanks to this service, in which Farmacia Campoamor pharmacists take on responsability of patient medicines care, it is possible to detect, prevent and resolve possible problems, connected to medications (PRM).

This monitoring service is continous, structured and identifiable. It is carried out together with the patient and all the other health professionists, with the aim of reaching a better life quality for the patient.

Medications issues can be detected and resolved through the pharmacoterapeutic monitoring and they can be potential or real and are classified by need, effectiveness or safety of the medications:

PRM1. Patient suffering of health issues because he/she does not know the medications he/she needs to take.

PRM2. Patient suffering of health issues because he/she received a medication he/she did not need.

PRM3. Patient suffering of health issues because of the non-quantitative ineffectivess of the medication.

PRM4. Patient suffering of health issues because of the quantitative ineffectivess of the medication.

PRM5. Patient suffering of health issues because of non-quantitative safety problem of the medication.

PRM6. Patient suffering of health issues because of quantitative safety problem of the medication.


Farmacia Campoamor realizes pharmacotherapeutic monitoring of the patients that visited our online pharmacy looking for pharmaceutical assistance and that buyed medications online to solve their health issue.

In order to get online pharmacoterapeutic monitoring with Farmacia Campoamor, the patient needs to contact us if his/her health issue is not solved, gets worst or new complications appear.

To use this service, please contact us by phone at 965320584