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Farmacia Campoamor




Margarita González Vicente, MsPharm

Professional number: COFA-3300

Fiscal authorization number: 0799813Y

Authorization number: A-497

Farmacia Campoamor®, located in Dehesa de Campoamor (Alicante-Spain) is owned by Margarita González, MSc in Pharmacy. Farmacia Campoamor is open since 1978 and it is characterized by its professionalism and excellency in customer service, always trying to find a way to make the life of our clients better, with competitive prices.

Farmacia Campoamor counts on cutting-edge technology like robot ROWA®, 400 mparapharmacy expo, free private parking and a Drive-thru (FarmaCar®) that demonstrates total dedication in terms of accessibility. Not only we foster our clients comfort thanks to our facilities, but also Farmacia Campoamor mainly invests in human capital, with a multilingual staff formed by professional pharmacists and assistants completely compromised with Farmacia Campoamor corporate values, in order to give an excellent service.

In 2014, right after RD 870 (8 of November 2013), Farmacia Campoamor starts a new online medicines website project, from which comes the renewal of the Farmacia Campoamor webpage.

Farmacia Campoamor's website has been developed in an accessible way, and it is certificated in accessibility with a AA level. Farmacia Campoamor is the first online pharmacy in Spain to be approved by authorities to sell medicines online.


The management team is formed by three family members, who work closely to a multidisciplinary team to provide customer service in eight languages and to assure a high quality service.

The management team is composed by:

MARGARITA GONZÁLEZ VICENTE: Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree in Pharmacy (University of Salamanca). Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree in Biologic Sciences (University of Salamanca). Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition (University of Granada). Master's Degree in Pharmaceutical Customer Service (University of Valencia). Since 1978, she is the principal pharmacist and owner of Campoamor Pharmacy.