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This section presents the necessary information for users to notify to the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Sanitary Products (AEMPS) adverse effects to cosmetic products that have been observed.

Information presented below is a summary of what is said on the informative website on Cosmetovigilance of the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Sanitary Products (AEMPS).


Cosmetovigilance is the activity that is destined to get, evaluate and control of the information related to the non desirable effects related to the normal or reasonable use of the cosmetic products.

There are two types of these non-desirable effects related to cosmetic products, depending on intensity. A non-desirable effect to cosmetic products is defined as "an adverse reaction to human health consecuently of the normal or reasonable use of a cosmetic product". A non-desirable effect to cosmetic products is severe if implies temporary or permanent functional incapacity, discapacity, hospitalization, birth defects, inmediate risk for life or death.

It is very important that cosmetic products consumers inform doctors or any other sanitary professionales about these effects, or notify them directly to the AEMPS through an alectronic application. Any person may do it.

If you have an non-desirable effect and think that might be related to a cosmetic product, is convenient that you inform your doctor or pharmacist. You may also notify it directly to the AEMPS sending this APPLICATION completed with the all information to the following email: cosmetovigilancia@aemps.es or presenting it to the general registry of the AEMPS at C/ Campezo nº 1, Edif. 8, 28022 Madrid.

You may also notify Farmacia Campoamor if you suffer a non-desirable effect to a cosmetic product acquired at Farmacia Campoamor or Farmacia Online Campoamor. Just visit our CONTACT FORM (select the subject of Cosmetovigilance), or call us to 965320584 nd we will notify it directly to the AEMPS.