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Nutrition advice

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Farmacia Campoamor offers a Nutrition Advice Service consisting on customized diets for those who wish to loose weight or improve the treatment of chronic conditions, (as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, dyslipidemia, hepatic, renal, cardiovascular and other pathologies).

This service is offered both offline and online. If you wish to make an appointment to our offline Nutrition Advice Service, please write us by contact form.


You can use our Nutrition Advice Service also online, as explained below.


There are two different kinds of diets: the initiation diet and the continuation diet. Both of them allow a complete follow-up of the patient health status, in order to achieve a successful result.

Our diet plans are made by a qualified and thoroughly experienced nutritionist team


The patient should download a questionnaire from our website and fill it in, providing all the information requested, objectives and expected results. This questionnaire is sent electronically to one of our nutritionists, and the one-week diet plan will be developed within the following 3-4 working days. After that, the diet is sent by email to the patient, who shall decide to continue the treatment for the following weeks ordering more diets if desired.


For further information about customized diets:

Nutrition and dietetics > Customized diets > Initiation diet

Nutrition and dietetics > Customized diets > Continuation diet