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Robot ROWA and Farmauto

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Farmacia Campoamor is located in the commercial space of a newly constructed building in Dehesa de Campoamor (Orihuela Costa - Alicante).


Farmacia Campoamor is divided into sections which are perfectly signposted, thus being easy to locate: Dermo-Cosmetics, Ortophaedics,Phytotherapy, Oral Hygiene, Foot Care, Optics, Sunscreen Products, and Maternity and Lactation.

The space has a 400 sq.m. showroom of parapharmaceutical products incluiding 8 help desks, which are divided into sections: Ortophaedics desk, FarmaCar desk and two Dermo-Cosmetic desks that are separated from the rest of general help desks. This distribution redirects efficiently the customer flow, thus reducing the waiting time.

In periods when there is a greater influx of customers, Farmacia Campoamor activates a system of turns that not only reduces the waiting time of customers but also contributes to a better purchase experience. When a turn comes it is shown in the  TV screens of the pharmacy. 


Farmacia Campoamor was one of the first pharmacies in Spain that incorporated a Rowa dispensing robot. This dispensing robot, which is placed in the warehouse of the pharmacy, places the products that are required from the desks in several moving belts that lead them to 5 terminals arriving to all points of sale in the pharmacy.


One of the commitments of Farmacia Campoamor is accessibility. The space has entrance ramps that meet all standards in order to facilitate the access to the pharmacy. Furthermore Farmacia Campoamor includes a innovative way of purchasing from the customer's own car: FarmaCar.  This system consists, as all drive-thrus, of making the purchase possible from the customer's vehicle. This, aside from facilitating accessibility, makes the purchase much more confortable! FarmaCar has accesses from two different roads: one from the free parking and the other from the street at the back of Farmacia Campoamor.