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Please click on the following link, above the search box, to have ONLINE PHARMACEUTICAL ASSISTANCE regarding your current disease (to be assisted you must be registered and logged in)

Farmacia Campoamor realizes online pharmaceutical assistance through pharmaceutical assistance questionnaires. These quetionnaires follow the instructions of the General Counsil of Spanish Pharmacy Association about online pharmaceutical assistance, which are considered to be adecuate to give a first approach to the disease of the patient.

Pharmaceutical assistance in Farmacia Online Campoamor aims to give the right medication to treat the disease of the patient,  preventing and avoiding a misusage or an abuse of the medication that might result harmful for patient's health.

To use the service, the patient must be registered on our website. Any request coming from false and mendacious accounts will not be taken into account. To receive pharmaceutical assistance, the patient must be logged in.


Farmacia Online Campoamor clients can receive online pharmaceutical assistance in two different ways. If they need general assistance, they can click on the link that appears above the search box, indicating PHARMACEUTICAL ASSISTANCE. If they have more questions or doubts about the medications they need to buy, while buying the product further pharmaceutical assistance will be given about the medication.

Once the questionnaire is completed, one of the  Farmacia Campoamor associated pharmacist will immediately contact the client to give advice about the most adequate medication or to ask more information to give complete advice.

According to RD 870, November 8th 2013, which states about online human over the counter medication selling, all data collected from pharmaceutical assistance will be saved in our database for at least 2 years to permit further investigation by the authorized institutions.

Farmacia Campoamor is currently developing new online pharmaceutical assistance methods, that are more accesible and let us being closer, even online, to our clients.

ONLINE PHARMACEUTICAL ASSISTANCE OPENING TIME: Online pharmaceutical assistance will be immediately given through questionnaires and emails on working days, from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8.30 pm.